Get to know me.

Where are you originally from?

I'm born and raised in the East Bay, 20 minutes away from San Francisco (#raidernation) !

What did you do before becoming a fitness model?

I double majored in Economics and Communication at UC Davis thinking I'd become a TV news anchor. I ended up in Tech, and spent 8 years doing sales & marketing for large companies such as Oracle, Google, and Square. The perks were great, Boba Guys days were my favorite! I met many free-spirited creatives along the way, many of whom I'm close friends with today.

What's something about you that most people do not know?

I am a closet introvert. I used to be really shy in school, and never talked to boys growing up. As social as I am now, I am just as comfortable in the corner of a coffee shop with my journal titled "Love Notes." 

You're Indian? Do you receive backlash from your community because of what you do?

Haha, yes! I'm 100% South Indian, dad is from Kerala and mom is from Tamil Nadu. It's hard af. Breaking down existing social norms can be lonely, because not everyone will be on your side. However, I'm fortunate to have created an incredible tribe that always supports me.

What does "tribe" mean to you? 

A tribe is a community of like-minded individuals that supports each others' goals. They radiate love and positivity for one another, and that energy is what pushes us closer to achieving success.

What advice do you give people starting their own businesses?

Be prepared to work hard and make sacrifices. Being an entrepreneur is not for everyone. Lisa Sugar, CEO of PopSugar, told me the best advice she could give me was to "stick to your guns." No one knows your vision the way you do, so hold onto it. That's helped me stay true to myself regardless of what supporters and haters say.