What I Love About SoulCycle

I talk about SoulCycle to anyone that will listen. If I’m not at home, a photo shoot or a meeting, then I’m at the studio. The staff knows my usual bike, I’m always wearing some form of #soulswag (even at bars), and SoulActivate is my favorite workout. I love SoulCycle so much, and yes, I would totally marry it if I could. Christina SoulCycle. Too much? People ask me all the time if the workout is really as great as they hear it is, and I always give the same answer. SoulCycle is more than just a workout, it’s a lifestyle.

When I got divorced last year, I turned to SoulCycle as an escape from reality. For just 1 minute, I wanted to feel normal again. SoulCycle gave me 45. I got lost in the music, it was like being in a trance. I felt my body riding the bike, but my mind was floating somewhere between reality and space. I know I sound like I’m on drugs, but anyone who goes to SoulCycle as often as I do knows EXACTLY what I’m talking about. It is a drug. In today’s blogpost, I’m going to tell you what about SoulCycle I love so much.

What’s your favorite SoulCycle memory?

SoulCycle is a form of meditation for me, because my mind is at such ease that sometimes thoughts/emotions come out of me that I did not know existed. The second to last song of every ride is usually something mellow, and the instructor dims the lights to the point that you can only see the ‘exit’ signs. During this part of the ride one day, I was in such a zen state that I saw myself on my wedding day walking down the aisle. As I watched my 28 year-old self march towards destiny, I stood there thinking, what if I could stop her? Then, I realized that I didn’t want to. It was part of my journey, and I am who I am today because of it. I had accepted my past and forgiven myself. When the song finished, I quickly wiped the tears away from my face pretending that it was just sweat (I may or may not have done this many times prior).

Who was your first SoulCycle friend?

Tamryn! She runs a fashion + lifestyle blog called @wannabefashionblogger. When I first started blogging, she invited me to the opening of the MRIN studio in the North Bay. I’ll never forget after the first ride, she congratulated me and told me I killed it. Her words of encouragement really made me want to keep riding and improving my skill, so I try to do the same for new riders every chance I get.

Can you really get toned from SoulCycle alone?

I get this question a lot, because that’s what I did. Cardio is the fastest way to lose pounds, period. I used to HATE cardio so much it was like pulling teeth. When I started going to SoulCycle, it was extremely challenging. I would leave class with sweat dripping out of every pore of my body, and my legs would be on fire. But, I never gave up. If you’re new to SoulCycle and you’re feeling frustrated because it’s hard for you, push through it. Consistency plays a key role here. Remember, anything worth obtaining is never easy.

There is also a free weights component to the workout, so for 4-5 minutes the instructor will guide you through a few exercises to strengthen and tone your biceps, triceps, chest, and back. Going back to the original question, you can absolutely get toned with SoulCycle as the bulk of your fitness routine.

What do you eat post-SoulCycle?

It’s important to follow up with a protein and a carb after a SoulCycle ride. I love a hearty acai bowl with bananas, fresh berries, and shaved coconut. I also add protein powder, so it’s a very filling meal. If I’m pressed for time, I throw a protein shake together with protein powder, cashew or almond milk, and fruits. If I’m working in the city, I’ll head over to a cafe and grab a chicken, kale, and avocado salad.

What’s your favorite piece of #SoulSwag you own?

My first SoulCycle sports bra. When I started going to SoulCycle, I was so self-conscious about working out in only a sports bra and leggings. I always wore a lightweight tank over myself, because I was not proud of how my body looked. Over time, I started gaining confidence and eventually I lost the shirt. I couldn’t even tell you when that transition happened. When I bought the sports bra, one of the instructors noticed I was purchasing it and said, “You’re going to rock it, girl! It’s got just the perfect amount of side boob, too.” Thanks Amber.

What’s your favorite SoulCycle move?

Push ups!

What advice do you give riders before going to SoulCycle for the first time?

Don’t be scared! Anyone who is a regular at SoulCycle started where you are. Going for the first time is scary. With that Fiji water cabinet, pristine lobby, and sexy instructors there is a lot about it that’s intimidating. At my first ride, I felt that everyone was more toned than me and that made me feel really insecure. That’s OK. Showing up for your first ride is a huge accomplishment, so do not overlook that.

Here’s the thing. It doesn’t matter what you look like. No one cares what size jeans you wear, who you like to bang, or what color your skin is. At SoulCycle, we are just that, SOULS. There are no barriers between us, we are just a community of like-minded individuals that like to sweat, rock out to music, and ride a bike! I’ve met so many incredible people through SoulCycle, and I thank the universe every day that I am part of such an incredible community. If you want to know more about how to survive your first SoulCycle class, you can check out my previous blogpost that is ‘soul’y dedicated to that here. See what I did there?

Who is your dream SoulCycle instructor?

Chris Hemsworth. That body AND that voice?! #dead

SoulCycle does a lot of programs to keep riders engaged. What’s your favorite?

I really enjoy themed rides. Sumner just did a Country themed ride, and it was LIT. Nikki did Odesza v Kygo, which I loved dancing to while riding. When someone does Khalid, I won’t even have to open Spotify anymore. <3

What’s your favorite song to ‘tap it back’ to?

Right now, I’m digging ‘Chun-Li’ by Nicki Minaj and ‘Ocean’ by Khalid!

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