My First Class at Barry's Bootcamp

I thought SoulCycle was intimidating when I first set foot in a studio. Walking into Barry’s Bootcamp was like walking into a Beverly Hills mansion house party. So many gorgeous men and women, an Instagrammable, pristine backdrop behind the front desk, and off to the side was the Fuel Bar, Barry’s iconic smoothie bar where you can even pre-order shake so it’s ready for you after class. NEXT LEVEL. As glamorous as Barry’s was upon my arrival, I was too nervous to notice anything. I was rocking my SoulCycle sweatshirt, and I realized that by repping my squad I was also holding myself to a standard. I could not suck in this class. I locked up my backpack, grabbed my water bottle, and waited for the instructor.

I ran into my friend, Josh, in the lobby. He looked like he had just finished a marathon, and at that point I knew I was dead meat. When he left, my nerves came right back and I was more anxious than before. Then, the instructor appeared ready to start the class. She was absolutely stunning! She had long dark hair, an extremely toned physique, and the prettiest smile. Now, I was actually excited to crush my first class. With that, we marched forward into the “red room.”

I found my spot on the “tread,” and started with a light jog to warm up my body. The instructor, Samantha, had us turn up the speed and resistance several times. It was a fabulous cardio workout. If you’re a cardio addict, you’ll love this 25-minute part of the workout. The next 25 minutes was what I was dreading: BUTT + LEGS. I grabbed two 15-pound dumbbells, and prepared myself for squats, lunges, and burpees. There were several times I knew my ass would be on fire for the next few days (and it was), but I was determined to finish strong. What I loved the most about Sam’s class was how motivating she was. I’ll never forget when she yelled, “I’m here to show you that the limit does not exist!” No, it really doesn’t.

At the end of class, I was dripping sweat and feeling extremely accomplished. Samantha congratulated me, and I felt so empowered to continue my fitness journey with Barry’s. To celebrate the end of my first class, I walked over to the famous Fuel Bar. Lucky for me, I ended up finding my favorite shake that I now get every time I work out at Barry’s: the Skinny PB w/ chocolate. Low carb, low sugar, and tastes like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. Mmmmmmmmm.

In summary, Barry’s is a very well-rounded workout. Because it’s an even combination of cardio and HIIT, you burn a ton of calories and sculpt specific muscle groups. I really enjoy it, and I make it a point to catch a class or two every week. Yes, it is intimidating the first time. But, get over it and make your way to the “red room.” Is this a substitute for intense cardio workouts like SoulCycle? I would say this complements SoulCycle really well. SoulCycle gives you the cardio, and Barry’s shreds fat and tones. For me, SoulCycle is bae, and Barry’s is the side dude. And, with that Skinny PB w/ chocolate, this side dude really knows how to keep me coming back.

Christina Sundari