My Favorite Fitness Fashion Brands

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Getting through a workout is a challenge, and 90% of it is mental. It's a strong mind that will get you the 5 extra squats or the extra turn on the resistance knob. Looking good while working out can boost your self-confidence and help you stay motivated to achieve your fitness goals. It certainly helps me! Here are some brands that make me stop, look in the mirror, and say to myself, "DAYYUUUMMMM." 


In case any of you have been under a rock, Nike just named Colin Kaepernick the face of the 30 year anniversary of the 'Just Do It' campaign. I love Nike, because it's truly a brand that practices what they've been preaching for 30 years: don't let fear stand in your way. Clearly, they were not about to let the witch hunters burning their Air Force Ones stand in their way. Mad props to Nike. 

I love everything Nike from their sneakers to joggers to sports bras. Many items go on sale pretty frequently as well on,, and Some items I've been digging recently are these sneakers and this sports bra. Because of the mesh on the sports bra, it has more elegance to it, so I would wear this out to happy hour after a good sweat sesh. As far as the Cortez sneakers, they are meant for just happy hour. For working out at the gym, I really like my all-black Roshe's. I would still rock these to happy hour, because there's something so sexy and refined about black on black on black anything. 


Whenever I buy leggings from Gymshark, I always get the matching sports bra. The 2-piece sets not only flatter a variety of body types, but they are soft to the touch and made from high-quality materials. Their Seamless collection is my favorite, because it's comfortable and the colors are gorgeous. I'm especially in love with this set. Also, inside their clothing they have the mantra  "Be a Visionary" which I absolutely love seeing as I'm getting ready to crush my workout and my day.

SoulCycle x Ultracor

First, I sort of became semi-broke, because of riding at SoulCycle. Then, I got broke af by buying so much Ultracor. But, seriously. These are the most comfy leggings to work out in, because the material is extremely breathable. Plus, all their prints are amazing even their solo branded apparel is super cute. Carbon 38 has a huge collection of Ultracor on their site. These camo leggings are sold out, but they are my favorite piece from the SoulCycle x Ultracor collab. PRO TIP: Keep an eye out for new items every Wednesday morning on the SoulCycle website. 

Ellie Activewear

I've been an ambassador for Ellie Activewear for over a year, and I've loved every single subscription box I've received. Ellie Activewear provides a monthly subscription featuring either a 3-piece outfit with sports bra, leggings, and tank top, or a 5-piece complete set with the sports bra, leggings, tank top, and two exercise accessories. Some of the accessories I've received have been resistance bands, jumprope, and stress balls. 

When I first started wearing Ellie, I was 10-15 pounds heavier and didn't have the most positive image of myself when working out. Ellie quickly changed my attitude towards my body, and I actually felt good about how I looked at the gym. Check out this photo from my very first photo shoot with Ellie. The picture featured above in this blogpost is from my most recent shoot with them as a comparison. 

Forever 21

I know what you're thinking, I buy stuff teeny bopper stuff. NOT EVEN CLOSE. Check out these joggers I just picked up yesterday. You're welcome! Forever 21 has stepped up its game in the fitness arena, and the price point is extremely satisfying. Additionally, Forever has some great accessories such as yoga mats, water bottles, and stylish headbands that are fun and cheap.