Holiday Gift Guide for the Fitness Buff

You know that one friend that’s always working out, drinking protein shakes, and wearing a sweatsuit? I’m absolutely that friend, so I’m serving up this holiday gift guide for YOUR favorite fitness lover! I combed through my favorite brands to deliver these awesome gift ideas that will work for just about anyone with an affinity for fitness.


Working out with jewelry on isn’t the most comfortable, but sometimes you end up wearing wedding bands, friendship rings, and costume jewelry to the gym. I’m afraid of losing rings in my bag, so I wear them during my workout. Then, I run the risk of scratching them up against machines and dumbbells. Enter Buffr. It’s a wide, silicone band that sits right over the band of your ring on the inside of your hand protecting it as you curl, press, and lift at the gym. They have a few different sizes, so I recommend sizing up 1 size to make sure it completely covers the ring. Check them out on Instagram @buffr_.

Hidrate Spark

It’s a water bottle that reminds you to drink water! This smart water bottle syncs with the app on my phone to track my water consumption on a daily basis. I can use the analytics to track my weekly progress, so it’s a great way to ensure I’m healthy and hydrated. If I haven’t taken a swig for awhile, Hidrate Spark has my back and will flash a light indicating I need to hydrate. It even tells me how many bottles away I am from achieving my daily goal. My SoulCycle instructor just turned into a water bottle LOL!

Apple Watch

If this is a special someone, consider getting them the technology to take fitness to the next level. By tracking miles ran, heart rate, steps, and so much more the data is invaluable to assist with overall health. In fact, these tools are not only helpful for fitness enthusiasts, it’s a great way for everyone to take better care of their health. (The Apple Watch is on my Christmas wish list hint hint nudge nudge)

Book a Fitness Retreat

Fitness retreats allow the fitness aficionado to challenge themselves in a different terrain. They can expect bootcamp workouts, running, hiking, dancing, the possibilities are endless. Surf Yoga Beer is the first fitness adventure company that organizes retreats worldwide. I just traveled to Belize with them, and had an incredible experience. 2019 destinations include Amalfi Coast, Morocco, and Costa Rica. The trip includes accommodations, all workout activities, and Surf Yoga Beer swag - BOOK HERE.

Purchase Classes at Their Studio of Choice

Many studios do special deals around this time of the year, so stocking up on classes for the New Year is also a great idea. Barry’s Bootcamp, Orange Theory, Rumble, and SoulCycle are running some fun holiday promotions so I recommend checking them out. As a fitness nut myself, I appreciate anything that is already in my routine - classes, gear, even protein powder. It’s the most functional gift I could receive!


I live in sweatpants, but you know me, only boujee sweatpants! I love a good Nike sweatsuit or Adidas tracksuit, but Bandier, Carbon 38, and Lululemon also make some of the best quality athleisurewear that looks great and is still super comfy. I recommend getting an full set: jacket, pants, and tank. They do start to get pricey, so just a nice tank or a pack of headbands will also suffice. If you need inspiration, head on over to my IG.

Christina Sundari